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Thermokon IoT meets LoRaWAN®

Thermokon IoT meets LoRaWAN® – Smart sensor solutions based on LoRaWAN® are playing a key role in the development of Smart Cities. For example, cities and municipalities in particular are building a sustainable and process-optimised infrastructure for building security, air quality monitoring and street lighting control. Other areas of application include Smart Buildings, Smart Agriculture, Smart Industry, Smart Logistics and Smart Infrastructure. The flexibility of cloud and on-premise solutions make LoRaWAN® a real game changer in the IoT.

What is LoRaWAN®?

Long Range Wide Area Network – LoRaWAN®* for short – is a wireless technology that is capable of transmitting data over long distances, even from remote and difficult-to-access locations, in an energy-efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. Thermokon's LoRaWAN® product portfolio offers the flexibility to choose between battery-powered and wired sensors with analogue signal outputs and LoRaWAN® option. In battery operation, the high energy efficiency of the sensors ensures extremely low-maintenance operation over many years.

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Field with Greenhouses

Smart Agriculture

Production Hall

Smart Industry

City Panorama

Smart Cities

Cargo Ship in a Harbour

Smart Logistics

Modern Building

Smart Buildings

Transformer Station

Smart Infrastructure

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